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tect was developed with a specific focus — helping architecture and engineering (AE) professionals make informed product decisions — without sales pressure or endless searches.


Attention Manufacturers: Your path to better connections with AE teams starts here.

This is not another product directory...It's a platform where people find people.


How it works:

Enter Project Location

as proximity to your project site matters

Enter Product Keywords

because intelligent search should be easy

Review Matched Experts

with results ordered by relevance

Connect and Communicate

to make truly informed decisions



tect provides a direct line to the answers you need

All needles, no haystacks

Searching through hundreds of manufacturer websites is a thing of the past. With tect, you gain effortless access to geo-located experts and specific answers to your questions.


With full privacy control

No more having to share who you are or what you're working on. With tect, our platform enables chats or calls in open or stealth mode, on any device.


Keep track of product decisions in one place

Managing conversations and product data can get messy. With tect, you can organize and filter by project, product, expert or thread, with export options for every record.


An app that connects A/E professionals to building product experts.

Search people.
Not products.
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We are in this together...


tect was developed by AE professionals in response to input from more than a thousand of our peers. We welcome your voice and invite you to join us in elevating our profession.





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A focused tool for architects is really nice to see. Great look and feel. Very cool.
Jeffrey B., Sr. Project Architect
Regional Design/Build Firm
A global solution would be good for companies like mine, since we need to deal with the same issues on every project around the world.
Edwin G., Sr. Project Manager
Global CRE Services Firm
Wow... I like it a lot... and it's thoughtful in the way you understand the needs of an architect, and have made it easy and simple!
Jeff S., Principal
Regional Architecture Firm
I don't want to be caught inside a passive advertising model, so having access to information without entering a lot of data is a real plus.
Rafael G., Principal
Global A/E Firm

Attention Manufacturers: Your path to better connections with AE teams starts here.