There's a problem
between architects and manufacturers.


Welcome to tectapp, the first and only platform designed to support the way architects prefer to connect and communicate with manufacturers.


for Architects
for Manufacturers

An app that connects A/E professionals to building product experts.

Search people.
Not products.
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We've been listening...

tectapp™ was developed in response to input from more than a thousand architects, designers, engineers and others, who need a better way to communicate with building product manufacturers. 




For Architects

On every project, there are simply too many products, too much information, and too little time. Getting answers in real-time from location-specific product experts is hard.

We've made it easy.

for Architects



For Manufacturers

A/E professionals want and need to connect with you on nearly every project. But they don't want a sales pitch with every inquiry. They just want answers from experts, period.

We've built the solution.

for Manufacturers


A focused tool for architects is really nice to see. Great look and feel. Very cool.
Jeffrey B., Sr. Project Architect
Regional Design/Build Firm
A global solution would be good for companies like mine, since we need to deal with the same issues on every project around the world.
Edwin G., Sr. Project Manager
Global CRE Services Firm
Wow... I like it a lot... and it's thoughtful in the way you understand the needs of an architect, and have made it easy and simple!
Jeff S., Principal
Regional Architecture Firm
Please keep me in the loop as you progress. We will happily join your beta team of early adopters. It looks very promising.
Rafael G., Principal
Global A/E Firm