A people-first approach to finding products

tect is a communication platform that provides architecture and engineering (AE) professionals real-time access to localized product experts from trusted manufacturers.




A people-first approach to finding products

TectApp is a new platform for better communication — by architects, for architects — with real-time access to localized product experts from trusted manufacturers.

Attention AE professionals: See how we're streamlining your access to product experts here.


tect connects manufacturers with design & engineering teams

Get found easily

Being in the right place at the right time is a challenge for sales reps. With tect, AE's use geo-location to find you based on project proximity at the exact moment important product decisions are being made. 


Access projects earlier

Design and engineering teams can't always disclose what they're working on. With tect, they can use stealth communication to control their privacy while reaching out to you at the earliest stages of design.


Build long-term, trusted relationships

Serving AE teams is quite different than selling to contractors. With tect, your team will gain access to our online academy, where they'll be given the tools to become a trusted source of product information for years to come.


An app that connects A/E professionals to building product experts.

Search people.
Not products.
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New call-to-action

The old way of finding product information is broken!


AE's currently spend more than twenty percent of their time researching and organizing product information.



The average building project involves more than three hundred unique products, materials and systems. 



The average number of building product reps that an AE professional fully trusts and would recommend to peers. 


But don't just take our word for it...


tect was developed in response to input from more than a thousand design and engineering professionals who wanted a better way to communicate with manufacturers. Here's what a few of them had to say.



tect solves these current challenges...


AE's hate searching multiple websites for product information.
Locating exactly the right person to talk to is hard for both sides.
AE's want accurate and objective answers, not a sales pitch.
Sales reps are usually engaged too late in the decision process.
AE teams can't often disclose their personal and project information.
The pandemic has forced everyone to find new ways to connect.

Let's get you moving forward today!


Tell me more
A focused tool for architects is really nice to see. Great look and feel. Very cool.
Jeffrey B., Sr. Project Architect
Regional Design/Build Firm
A global solution would be good for companies like mine, since we need to deal with the same issues on every project around the world.
Edwin G., Sr. Project Manager
Global CRE Services Firm
Wow... I like it a lot... and it's thoughtful in the way you understand the needs of an architect, and have made it easy and simple!
Jeff S., Principal
Regional Architecture Firm
I don't want to be caught inside a passive advertising model, so having access to information without entering a lot of data is a real plus.
Rafael G., Principal
Global A/E Firm

Attention AE's: See how we're streamlining your access to product experts here.